Tyreek Hill thinks Patrick Mahomes is still underpaid

Tyreek Hill thinks Patrick Mahomes is still underpaid

Patrick Mahomes now has the richest contract in American team sports history, but one of his teammates thinks he’s still underpaid.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill admitted that he believes Mahomes was worth even more than the $503 million the Chiefs agreed to pay him over ten years.

“I mean, hell, I thought he was worth even more!” Hill told TMZ Sports.

The speedy receiver also said that he was pleased with the organization for giving the team the chance to win multiple titles by aggressively locking up Mahomes and defensive lineman Chris Jones.

“I’m proud of just the Chiefs in general for getting all these deals done, man,” Hill said. “‘Cause they understand right now is our time, like this is our window to be great, for us to build that dynasty and I’m just happy to be along with them.”

It’s hard to quantify what Mahomes is actually worth to the Chiefs. Maybe he actually was worth more, but if you ask Jones, the quarterback was thinking of his teammates when negotiating the deal.

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