This Minnesota Vikings Starter Will Be the First to Get Benched on Team in 2020

This Minnesota Vikings Starter Will Be the First to Get Benched on Team in 2020

With 15 selections in the 2020 NFL Draft, which was the most in the league, the Minnesota Vikings will welcome in a large rookie class ready to make an impression and snag a starting job.

Fans expect a lot of change in Minnesota this offseason, especially with the departures of Stefon Diggs, Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes and others, and some other out-of-favor veterans could lose their starting jobs as time progresses. Look no further than offensive lineman Riley Reiff.

Reiff has been viewed as a potential cap casualty this offseason because of his $13.2 million hit while carrying just $4.4 in dead money, but it’s a fair assumption that the Vikings do not want to enter the 2020 season with an inexperienced left tackle. They’ll take Reiff’s salary on the chin, but if he continues to regress, don’t be surprised if second-round pick Ezra Cleveland out of Boise State gets the nod.

General manager Rick Spielman is certainly hoping Cleveland is the organization’s future left tackle, which puts Reiff’s job security in question. Assuming Cleveland progresses under the right tutelage and Reiff continues to fall out of favor, there’s little doubt the veteran will be a cap casualty in 2021 when he carries just $2.2 million in dead cap against almost a $14 million hit.


Given the Vikings’ current depth chart and the credible sense of urgency regarding the left tackle position, don’t be surprised if Reiff loses his role as a starter not too long into 2020.

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