Steve Nelson Drags KC On Twitter

Steve Nelson Drags KC On Twitter

Steven Nelson has taken to twitter and expressed his feelings about his time with the Chiefs. During a time where so much can be said by someone with a platform (such as a professional athlete) this joker chose to show some hate and displeasure with his former employer. The tweets praise the Steelers organization and portray the Chiefs and Kansas City as racist and broken.

As a Chiefs fan I have to admit that I don’t fully understand or agree with how things were handled with Peters, but who really knows how that actually went down? There were some fans who displayed how big of douchebags they are, but I’m sure that wasn’t any of our readers…

And then he went and chirped with Chiefs fans…

Take all that as you will… yeah, our city may need change just like any other, but, are you kidding me Steve? These are the people that made you a multimillionaire! I’ll admit Sutton had him in a system that didn’t work and he seems to have improved his game in Pittsburgh, but saying that being around all those Yinzers up in the burg is better than KC? No way man. Yeah KC picked on you Steve and tried to hold you accountable. The reason Nelson got called out so often during his years here in KC is because we expected better. Chiefs Kingdom is the MJ of fanbases, we know winning comes with a price.

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