Should Chiefs Sit Alex Smith for 1st round pick Patrick Mahomes?

Should Chiefs Sit Alex Smith for 1st round pick Patrick Mahomes?

Only weeks ago Alex Smith was the MVP candidate, but now with the Chiefs Struggle after consecutive losses, Andy Reid may sit Smith for young rookie Patrick Mahomes to keep the Chiefs playoff fortunes on track.

The embarrassing Week 11 loss to New York Giants (1 – 8), in the week following their bye, showed the Chiefs have accomplished all they can with Smith at the controls. The disastrous performance caps their current 1-4 stretch, dropping them to a record of 6-4 – though still in control of the underperforming AFC West.

While Smith has been a large contributor to those statistical rankings, he has recently reverted to the player he always was. A safe option, capable of leading teams to quality records, but without the game-changing abilities needed to make a team a true contender.

He’s relied heavily on his top three pass-catchers to make plays after the catch. Hunt, Hill, and Kelce rank 10th, T-13, and T-16, respectively, in yards after the catch.

Smith had appeared to change his persona to start the 2017 season. The well-known “game manager” – with a career completion percentage of 62.3 and yards per attempt of 6.88 – opened the season with a 368-yard, four-touchdown road performance against the Super Bowl-champion New England Patriots. He maintains a career-best 8.34 yards per attempt, but it’s been trending in the wrong direction.

The Kansas City Chiefs, once safely atop the AFC as the NFL’s last undefeated team at 5-0, now need to consider removing Smith as the starter, in place of a younger, more dynamic option under center. Disappointed and frustrated Chief fans are demanding a switch to their No.1 draft pick Patrick Mahomes.

It’s time to move on, Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes should start next Sunday vs. Buffalo. Patrick Mahomes could spark the Chiefs offense and give them something totally different down the stretch of the season, but even if he doesn’t, at least the Chiefs will ride into the playoffs with something they won’t have with Alex Smith at QB: Hope.

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