Report: Cam Newton would have ‘robust’ market if Panthers try to trade him

Report: Cam Newton would have ‘robust’ market if Panthers try to trade him

There has been a lot of talk about Cam Newton potentially riding the bench behind Kyle Allen even when the former MVP’s foot is fully healed. If that happens, it might be the first step toward Newton’s time with the Carolina Panthers coming to an end.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reported over the weekend that there are “more than a few people in the league” who believe Allen will remain the Panthers’ starting quarterback and Newton will be playing elsewhere in 2020.

Newton has just one year remaining on his contract after this season. If the Panthers chose to release him after the year is over, they would save roughly $19 million against the salary cap. They could also trade the 30-year-old, which would mean the team that acquired him would inherit his $21.1 million cap number for 2020.

Believe it or not, trading Newton sounds like a viable option if Allen continues to succeed. One AFC general manager told Freeman that the market for Newton would be “robust” if the Panthers made him available, with as many as 10 teams interested. Though, there are other teams that do not believe Newton has much left. Executives that work for teams in the latter group are under the impression that the Panthers wonder if Newton will never be the same again.

Winning is really all that matters for NFL quarterbacks. There’s obviously a case to be made that Newton is far more talented than the undrafted Allen, but at least one opposing coach seems to think Allen is a better fit for Carolina at the moment. Injuries have obviously been a major issue for Newton in recent years, but it’s fair to wonder if that will always be the case. The Panthers have a better understanding of that than any other team, and what they chose to do after Newton is “healthy” will be quite telling.

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