Pete Carroll Gives DK Metcalf an Amazing Nickname With Hilarious Meme

Pete Carroll Gives DK Metcalf an Amazing Nickname With Hilarious Meme

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has heard about the controversy involving DK Metcalf being compared to Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, and has a solution for his receiver. Carroll believes Metcalf deserves a new nickname and threw out the idea of The Mandalorian during his coach’s show on ESPN 710 Seattle. The Seahawks coach also appeared a bit puzzled about Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz’s comments to Metcalf.

“Well, Coach Schwartz can say whatever he wants,” Carroll noted. “I thought that was kind of unusual that he would bring something like that up. Megatron’s kind of a thing of the past, not many people know about that. If he’d have referred to him [as] something like The Mandalorian, I think it would be a little more appropriate. I wouldn’t mind calling DK The Mandalorian any time he wants. I don’t know, coaches can say whatever they want. I thought that was kind of surprising, but I liked the way DK handled it.”

Carroll even followed up his idea by posting an image of Metcalf dressed as The Mandalorian, a reference to the new Star Wars show. Here is a look at Carroll’s funny meme that he posted on Twitter.

Metcalf on the Eagles: ‘I Have to Make Them Pay’
Metcalf notched 10 receptions for 177 yards against the Eagles which pushed him over the 1,000 receiving yards mark for the season. The Seahawks receiver admitted he always has a little more motivation playing against the Eagles as the team passed on him for receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside.

“I think it was just at the right time, right place, but it’s kind of like coming home to a place that had a chance to draft me, but, you know, they didn’t so I have to make them pay,” Metcalf noted in his postgame press conference.

Metcalf Claims Schwartz Told Him He Was ‘Not There Yet’ Compared to Megatron
Metcalf added that he received even more motivation prior to kickoff when Schwartz noted he was “not there yet” when compared to Johnson. Schwartz later denied that he meant the comments in a negative way, but the Eagles defensive coordinator likely wishes he had a do-over given Metcalf’s performance.

“One of the defensive coaches came up to me and it kind of made me mad that he was like, ‘I was in Detroit with Megatron, but you’re not there yet,’” Metcalf explained, per “In my mind, I’m not trying to be Megatron, I’m trying to be me, so I had a little chip on my shoulder the whole game.”

Earlier this season, Metcalf’s Seahawks teammate (and locker room neighbor) Jamal Adams called the receiver the “new era Megatron.” Metcalf admitted he hopes the comparisons to Johnson will stop, but we will see if the receiver approves of Carroll’s The Mandalorian nickname.

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