Patriots Should Convince Drew Brees to Come to New England if Saints Choke Again in 2020

Patriots Should Convince Drew Brees to Come to New England if Saints Choke Again in 2020

Until we are provided with evidence that suggests otherwise, we will be convinced that Bill Belichick intends on competing in the immediate post-Tom Brady era in Foxborough.

Assuming that the New England Patriots roll with a bridge — or anybody not named Jarrett Stidham — at quarterback next season, the starting spot could be up for grabs in 2021.

If that ends up being the case, the Pats would have nothing to lose by reaching out to Drew Brees if the New Orleans Saints choke again in their pursuit of another title this year.

Why not, right? The potential pairing wouldn’t violate any unwritten rules, as the Saints and Patriots don’t hold a great rivalry. Further, Brees and Brady were never considered mortal enemies.

Brees’ heart obviously lies in the Big Easy, but he’s come up short trying to secure the ever-important second Super Bowl ring for 10 years running. The Saints have faltered in the postseason for three consecutive seasons, and nothing really suggests that could change in 2020. We say that despite a number of impressive additions in free agency this offseason.

The 13-time Pro Bowler taking a pay cut this year to allow New Orleans the necessary flexibility to properly bolster its roster proves that Brees would be a perfect fit in New England.

Brees loves the Saints, but at some point he’s going to grow fed up with the team’s tendency to choke in the playoffs (especially if Tom Brady himself outduels him in division this year), and there’s no franchise in the NFL better at exploiting those emotions than the Patriots.

Roll with a bridge for one year, then absolutely load up in free agency next season and add Brees for so both he and his coach can ride off into the sunset. Would it be any more shocking than TB12 to Tampa Bay?

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