Packers Putting in Package for Jordan Love Would Be a Disaster

Packers Putting in Package for Jordan Love Would Be a Disaster

The Green Bay Packers used a first-round pick on Utah State quarterback Jordan Love in the 2020 draft, but they might need to wait two or three years before they see any sort of return on the field.

Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett drummed up the bright idea of creating a package of plays specifically for Love to get him some snaps as a rookie. Hackett should stop pursuing this idea before he does something really dangerous.

I many not be an NFL offensive coordinator at the moment, but any play that puts a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback like Aaron Rodgers either on the bench or out wide in favor of a raw rookie is probably a play that needs to be scrapped.

If the “package” they have in mind involves using him as a “wildcat” quarterback, that makes minimal sense. Love is a very mobile quarterback, yes, but running was never a huge part of his game. In addition, having him take random handoffs is not going to help him reign in his decision making, which was the biggest negative he had as a prospect.

The best thing the Packers can do as far as developing Love is letting him soak up as much information as possible from Rodgers, not sticking him out there in goofy packages to try and help him contribute this season.

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