NFL players are calling the NFL’s new jersey swap ban ‘a joke’

NFL players are calling the NFL’s new jersey swap ban ‘a joke’

There are no two ways about it — the NFL’s new jersey swap policy is ridiculous.

The league is telling its players that it’s safe to play actual football games where they’re running full speed into each other, but it’s also unsafe to stand within six feet of each other and swap jerseys after the game is over.

That doesn’t add up. If it’s unsafe to swap jerseys because of coronavirus, then one can assume it’s probably unsafe to actually play actual football games.

Richard Sherman brilliantly called the league out for it earlier Thursday after the policy was initially reported.

Now more players are joining him in calling out the league for this wild rule.

Texas lineman Laremy Tunsil explicitly called the league “a joke” because of the rule.

Texans wideout Randall Cobb shared the same sentiments.

Wideout Josh Boyce asked the most valid question that we all want to know the answer to.

Texans QB Deshaun Watson called it silly.

Chargers guard Trai Turner called for the league to worry about more important things.

Bills offensive lineman Jonathan Feliciano said the league looks “stupid.”

Donté Stallworth, a former player, turned the NFL’s logic on its face with an idea.

Clearly, this isn’t a great idea.

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