Mike Priefer had great comment about Browns’ playoff win

Mike Priefer had great comment about Browns’ playoff win

The Browns on Sunday night won their first playoff game since 1994, and one of the cool parts was who helped them get the win.

Mike Priefer, who is ordinarily the Browns’ special teams coordinator, served as the acting head coach while Kevin Stefanski was out due to COVID-19. The win was extra special for Priefer.

The 54-year-old is from Cleveland and grew up a Browns fan. He said after the game that he understood how big this was for Browns fans, because he grew up one of them.

Browns fans have endured more pain as a fan base than almost any other. Prior to this season, they only had two winning seasons since that 1994 season. Until this season, they also hadn’t made the playoffs since 2002. Plus, the fans endured notorious postseason failures, like “The Drive” and “The Fumble” too.

This was a special win for Cleveland, and best of all it came against Pittsburgh. And having someone who understands the significance of the win better than anyone having a big role in the victory makes it even better.

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