Jamal Adams, Leonard Fournette trade shots on Twitter

Jamal Adams, Leonard Fournette trade shots on Twitter

Former college teammates Jamal Adams and Leonard Fournette traded some shots over Twitter on Friday, and though they got a little personal, it did not seem to get too heated.

Matters began when Fournette tweeted to ask for votes for the Pro Bowl. Adams, who later deleted his tweet, told his ex-LSU teammate to stop being thirsty, which is slang for desperate.

“Now Jamal don’t start with the thirsty stuff, you said you had a chip on yo shoulders since 05 boy yo a– ain’t know what a chip was back than (sic),” Fournette responded (edited for profanity).

Fournette then clowned Adams for hiding under a table during a fight in college.

Adams responded by calling out Fournette for faking an injury and quitting on LSU as a junior.

Fournette didn’t deny the charge and instead boasted that he still was drafted fourth overall by the Jaguars in 2017.

Fournette then said he still had love for Adams.

But of course he had to get one last dig in.

“No real talk ima show y’all our practice clips from lsu I ran his a– over every practice word to my kids anybody played with us could testify too this,” Fournette tweeted (edited for profanity).

Fournette seemed to enjoy getting his digs in on Adams, who had stopped engaging. Whether it’s drama with his New York Jets or now Fournette, Adams has been busy with agitating issues lately.


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