Next Thursday is the start of the 2020 NFL Draft and teams are trying to position themselves to get the player that they want. The problem with some teams is that they are not in a current position to get a player unless they make a trade.

That leads us to the ongoing talk of Dak Prescott trying to get a long-term contract from the Dallas Cowboys after he exceeded expectations from being drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. The guaranteed money and length of contract seems to be the biggest issue with both sides, so that led to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell putting out a column earlier this week where he proposes hypothetical trades for every pick of the 2020 NFL Draft’s first round.

When he got up to No. 5— the Miami Dolphins’ first pick— he made an eye-popping decision to propose the Dolphins trading for Dak Prescott with the thinking that Dallas wouldn’t want to lose him in free agency in 2022 if both sides cannot come to an agreement on a deal.

In the proposal, he has Dak Prescott and the No. 17 overall pick being sent to Miami, for No. 5 and No. 82 in the third round.

“The Cowboys would be moving up here for one of the non-Burrow quarterbacks, with somebody such as Jordan Love stepping in as the immediate starter in what would become more of a run-first Cowboys offense. This trade values Prescott as something close to the 17th pick in a typical draft by the Jimmy Johnson chart. The Cowboys stuck the exclusive franchise tag on him because they didn’t want to run the risk of losing him for two first-round picks, but I suspect they feared that a team like the Patriots might steal him away for two picks in the late 20s.”

He then made the case for the Dolphins:

“The Dolphins, who shouldn’t have any trouble giving Prescott the deal he wants, would still have three first-round picks in this draft (Nos. 17, 18 and 26) to build around their new franchise quarterback. With the Patriots losing Tom Brady and seemingly planning on building around Jarrett Stidham, the AFC East is suddenly open for business. If Miami trades for Prescott and drafts wisely around him, it’s not crazy to imagine a scenario in which it is competing for a division title in 2020.”

Barnwell even talked about the idea on The Rich Eisen Show, to which Rich liked it.

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