Does J.J. Watt want to join his brothers on the Steelers?

Does J.J. Watt want to join his brothers on the Steelers?

T.J. and Derek Watt are set to play together in Pittsburgh in 2020. Did J.J. Watt express interested in joining his brothers on the Steelers?

A brotherly bond is not one that’s easily broken. This is especially true when it comes to the Watt family. Brothers J.J., Derek, and T.J. Watt have been close all of their lives. They all played their college ball at Wisconsin, and while J.J. entered the NFL two years before getting to play with Derek on the Badgers, Derek and T.J. got to play on the same football team in 2015. Now, that trend continues with the Steelers.

While not impossible, it’s rare to see a pair of brothers playing together on the same team in the NFL. Apart from the Watt’s, the Griffin brothers and the Edmunds brothers have accomplished the same thing.

But three brothers together on the same NFL team is just unheard of. While this is unlikely to happen, it sounds like J.J. may be envying his brothers. According to Teresa Varley of, T.J. Watt caught J.J. “wearing a Steelers hat around the house.”

J.J. Watt has been incredible to the city of Houston. He’s been one of the faces of the whole city and his foundation raised $41.6 million in Hurricane Harvey relief. While it’s highly unlikely the city of Houston would ever want him to go, that may not stop Watt from feeling jealous.

J.J. has earned $109 million since 2014, according to Over the Cap, and money really isn’t an object for him at this point. However, a strong case of ‘fear of missing out’ could have him re-thinking where he would like to spend the remainder of his career.

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