Colin Cowherd actually agrees that Patrick Mahomes isn’t the best player in football

Colin Cowherd actually agrees that Patrick Mahomes isn’t the best player in football

Colin Cowherd is good with Patrick Mahomes finishing No. 4 in the NFL 100.
Colin Cowherd won’t be able to visit Kansas City now after what he said about Patrick Mahomes.

Not that the popular FS1 radio host ever has. As he’s said before on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Kansas City is the only major American city he’s never been to and the only state he’s never visited is South Carolina. So why can’t Cowherd go visit his buddy Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs for some delicious barbecue ribs? Because he doesn’t think Mahomes is the best player in the NFL.

Wednesday night brought shockwaves to NFL Twitter, as the Kansas City star quarterback finished fourth in this year’s NFL 100, the 100 best players in the league voted on by the players. Mahomes came in fourth place behind Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Does Colin Cowherd not want Andy Reid to come on his radio show anymore?
First off, the NFL 100 has no validity to it whatsoever. The players voted enough times for Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen to make the list and not Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Outside of the Big Easy and Columbus, Ohio, who thinks Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints is the best wide receiver in the NFL? He finished No. 5 overall.

So you can dissect the list as much as you want to confirm whatever bias and agenda you have as a sports fan. There are hundreds of reasons to get upset over how many times the NFL players got something wrong in their flawed self-evaluation voting process. However, for Cowherd not to think Mahomes is the best player in the NFL reaffirms his bias towards his hometown Seahawks.

The Washington native adores Wilson, as do many NFL fans. Should Wilson be in the top five of the NFL 100? Without question, as he’s the best player in the league to never be named First-Team All-Pro. He carries a wet paper bag of an offensive line to the playoffs every single season. However, he’s not as good at playing quarterback as Mahomes, as he’s the second best in football.

As for Donald, he deserves to be in the top-five, as he’s the best player in football regardless of position. We haven’t seen a defensive lineman as dominant as him in years. His place in the top-five is not debatable. As for Jackson, this reeks of recency bias. “Action Jackson” may have won NFL MVP last year and won a Heisman Trophy in 2016, but win a single playoff game first, please.

Obviously, Mahomes saw the final rankings last night and decided to take some notes. While Cowherd did make a compelling argument, he unloaded on everything bad Mahomes has done in the last two years. Keep in mind Mahomes played last season on a bum knee for the second half of the season. His year should have been over, but instead he was named Super Bowl 54 MVP.

Though Mahomes does have room for improvement, he’s the unquestioned best player in the NFL.

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