Like most people, Aaron Rodgers was extremely pissed off to hear that Indianapolis Colts fans boo Andrew Luck upon hearing about his retirement.

During an interview with SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, the Green Bay Packers QB stated he felt terrible for Luck having to hear fans at Lucas Oil Stadium boo him off the field once news got around to the fans of him hanging up his cleats some two weeks before the season.

“Well, the surprise was obviously the first emotion. He’s a young player, he’s had a really, really good career,” Rodgers said. “But I think the second is a little disgust, maybe, at the way that it was handled. Him getting booed, the word leaking out the way that it did, I thought that was a little disgusting because here’s a guy who’s making a quality of life decision. And he’s given a lot to the game, although he’s not a 15-year vet, but he’s put himself through a ton just to get back on the field.”

The 29-year-old was set to enter his 8th season with the team after they selected him with the No. 1 overall pick of the 2012 draft out of Stanford. He would go on to lead the Colts to the postseason during his first 3 seasons, including the 2014 AFC Championship Game.

Injuries would soon start to pile up as the team failed to keep viable offensive lineman to keep him upright. Because of that, he would miss the entire 2017 season while dealing with a shoulder injury before rebounding with a fourth Pro Bowl year in 2018, throwing for 4,593 yards and 39 touchdowns while leading the Colts back to the playoffs.

This current high left ankle injury was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I’ve been stuck in this process,” Luck said. “I haven’t been able to live the life I want to live. It’s taken the joy out of this game. After 2016 when I played in pain, and wasn’t regularly able to practice, I made a vow I wouldn’t go down that path again. The only way forward is to remove myself from this cycle. I came to the proverbial fork in the road, and made a vow if I ever did again I would choose me, in a sense.”

Rodgers had no issue with how and when Luck decided to retire.

“I think what he did was actually very unselfish,” Rodgers said. “Does he not start the season? He could be on IR, and then he’s cashing a paycheck from the Colts without playing. But instead he’s making the decision now so they can move forward with Jacoby [Brissett], and he’s making a decision that’s for his own quality of life and happiness, and I salute him for that. And I enjoyed competing against him. He’s a hell of a player, and I’m happy for whatever is next with Andrew.”

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