3 Hidden Traps That Could Derail Chiefs 2020 Season

3 Hidden Traps That Could Derail Chiefs 2020 Season

The Kansas City Chiefs enter the 2020 season as favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions. However, it is not always that easy. The team is going to have to pay Patrick Mahomes a fortune soon and the competition around the Chiefs is only getting stronger. Let’s look at three factors that could end the honeymoon and end up derailing the Chiefs this season.

3. Improved AFC West

Drew Lock

The Chiefs were the only AFC West team to finish with a winning record in 2019. Both the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders finished 7-9 and the Los Angeles Chargers were 5-11. The Broncos appear to be the team to watch in 2020 as the Drew Lock hype is out of control. The Raiders are always a question mark, but the Chargers are looking to rebound without Philip Rivers in town. Lock is the name to keep in mind and his 4-1 record in limited 2019 action should have Chiefs fans a bit worried.

2. Super Bowl Hangover

Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes

There has not been a repeat Super Bowl champion since the New England Patriots won two straight during the 2003-2004 seasons. The Seattle Seahawks sure got close, but the feat remains difficult. The Chiefs are led by a young star in Patrick Mahomes and are already being told they are favorites to repeat. All the hype could go to their heads in what could be a unique season where home-field advantage is in danger of being wiped out if there aren’t full stadiums.

1. Patrick Mahomes Contract Talks

Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs already exercised a $24.8 million option for Patrick Mahomes in 2021. That may be nothing compared to what he is expected to get in his next contract. The young quarterback should get a contract worth at least $200 million, which will change the way the Chiefs are able to build around him. A great start to the year by Mahomes could make him demand even more money, while a slow start may have the Chiefs trying to knock down his value. This has the potential to be a distraction if he is set on getting a deal done before the end of the season.

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